Understanding the Quiet in Montessori Daycare

7 January 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

One thing that surprises many parents when visiting potential daycare centers, is how quiet Montessori daycares can be. Children are often loud and boisterous. Does a quiet room mean the children are sad or unengaged? Not in a Montessori setting. There are several reasons why Montessori daycares are usually quieter than other daycare centers. 

One-on-one Instruction

Most daycares focus on group activities, where the teacher gives instruction to the entire class or leads songs and dances. This can often lead to children trying to talk over each other to be heard. While Montessori centers have some group activities, much of the activities are individual, allowing the teacher to spend time with each child, inspiring or instructing the child as needed. This creates a quieter environment that allows children to focus on what they are doing. 

Deep Concentration

Montessori materials are specially crafted to encourage young children to explore different concepts. Children will often use a single Montessori tool longer than they would play with other toys, exploring it more deeply. This can lead to long periods of deep concentration, in which children are solving problems and learning how different systems work. During deep concentration, children tend to be quieter. 

Mixed Age Groups Allow for Example Behavior

Many daycare centers accept a new group of children each year, keeping kids in a group with their peers. Montessori tends to have a more organic flow of children, allowing the youngest children to join older children who have more self-control and better communication skills. This gives older children an opportunity to teach younger children, which gives them a sense of satisfaction. At the same time, younger children learn appropriate social behavior from older children. This can often result in a quieter classroom as there may be fewer conflicts and each child feels a certain responsibility to the group. 

It Isn't Always Quiet

Although you might enter a Montessori daycare during a quiet period, you can be sure it isn't always quiet. Children sometimes become frustrated or upset. Additionally, children need opportunities to play with sound and noise. Montessori caters to this through outdoor play and musical toys, which allow children to let out some energy and noise in fun, appropriate ways. 

While the sound-level of a Montessori daycare might be new and different to some parents, it is usually a positive experience for children. The quiet environment can be more calming and allow your child to feel safe and secure. To learn more, visit a Montessori daycare.