Is Your Child Ready To Transition From Day Care To Kindergarten?

14 September 2016
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Your child's fifth birthday is on the horizon, and you're wondering if she's ready for kindergarten. But, even if you've heard all the buzz about "redshirting" (delaying the kindergarten start for an extra year), you might not be sure if you need to do this too. How can you decide whether or not your child is ready to move on from her pre-k days? Ask the teacher. Your child's day care teacher has insider information. Read More 

3 Fun Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Kindergarten

12 August 2016
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Starting kindergarten is going to be a big step for your child. They will likely feel a mix of excitement and nervousness as the first day of school approaches. There are several things that you can do to help your child to feel more prepared and excited for the first day of school, and it is important that you take the time to do these things for your child. This article will discuss three fun ways to get your child excited about kindergarten. Read More 

Toddlers Talking: Speech Issues That Seem Distressing But Really Aren’t (Yet)

11 August 2016
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If you're the parent of a very young child around toddler age, you may be watching—or listening to—the child's speech development like a hawk. These years can be a bit nervewracking because you want to catch any speech or language disorders before they get too entrenched. At the same time, though, you want the child to learn language organically, discovering what gets a good reaction and what gets puzzled looks. There are some sounds that are naturally more difficult than others, though, and they naturally take a longer time for most children to master. Read More 

You Might Be Making These Mistakes In The Days Leading Up To A New Daycare Experience

6 June 2016
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As the parent of a young child that's about to experience daycare for the first time, you might already be getting nervous about whether your child will have a good time and be able to adhere to the center schedule. You may think you're doing everything right, but there might be a few things that you miss that can cause a bit of stress for you and your child. Try not to do the things below when prepping your child for this new experience in their life. Read More 

5 Reason You Should Choose A Montessori Preschool

15 April 2016
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Children are like sponges so it only makes sense to select a preschool program that will not only properly care for your child while you are at work, but also education him or her. Montessori preschool child care teaches children using hands-on activities in an environment that promotes individuality and freedom within a few boundaries. Below are five reasons you'll want to consider placing your preschooler in a Montessori program.  Read More