Benefits Of Taking SAT Prep Courses

24 August 2021
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Since graduating from high school and joining college is such a huge transition, the prospects of tertiary learning can be overwhelming even to the most prepared student. As a teenager switching from a supervised environment into a tertiary institution where you'll be responsible for yourself, you're bound to face some challenges. However, the most imminent concern is qualifying for admission into your dream. Since a good SAT score is required for freshman entry to many schools, you should consider signing up for SAT prep courses before you take the assessment test. Read More 

Understanding the Quiet in Montessori Daycare

7 January 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

One thing that surprises many parents when visiting potential daycare centers, is how quiet Montessori daycares can be. Children are often loud and boisterous. Does a quiet room mean the children are sad or unengaged? Not in a Montessori setting. There are several reasons why Montessori daycares are usually quieter than other daycare centers.  One-on-one Instruction Most daycares focus on group activities, where the teacher gives instruction to the entire class or leads songs and dances. Read More