3 Fun Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Kindergarten

12 August 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Starting kindergarten is going to be a big step for your child. They will likely feel a mix of excitement and nervousness as the first day of school approaches. There are several things that you can do to help your child to feel more prepared and excited for the first day of school, and it is important that you take the time to do these things for your child. This article will discuss three fun ways to get your child excited about kindergarten. 

Take Them To Kindergarten Orientation

An excellent way to help your child understand just what kindergarten is all about is to take them to the kindergarten orientation. This will give them the opportunity to meet their teacher for the very first time and talk to them one on one. This can be very calming to a child because they will recognize their teacher on the first day of school and immediately feel more comfortable. Your child will also be able to see their classroom, the lunchroom, the gym, the playground, and other areas within the school that they will be using. Lastly, they will be given the opportunity to meet other students that are going to be in their kindergarten class with them. This can help them to see if they have someone in their class that they already know or will give them the opportunity to make a new friend. 

Have Them Talk With Others Who Have Gone To Kindergarten

A simple yet effective way to help your child get excited about going to kindergarten is to talk with others who have already gone. Siblings, cousins, and friends can tell your child all about their own kindergarten experience. They can talk about the awesome things they learned, the great people they met, the fun they had, and how great their teachers were. This will really encourage your child to see going to kindergarten as a great thing. 

Take Them Shopping To Get School Supplies

Most kids really love to go shopping for themselves, so it can be fun to take your child shopping for school supplies. You can let them pick out certain things like their backpack, lunchbox, folders, or whatever else they need. You can also have them help you find all of the supplies that you need to purchase for both them and for their classroom. Hunting down the supplies and adding them to your cart will be fun for your child and will help them to feel more excited. 

For more tips on getting your child excited and prepared for kindergarten, talk to an educator at Triple R Child Care.