2 Ways To Shorten How Long You Have To Go To Online University

26 October 2018
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Earning college credit via online classes is an excellent way to earn a degree in your spare time. However, many students still struggle with how long it will take to complete their programs. If you're wanting to get done faster so you can get into the career of your choice sooner, here are two things you can do to shorten the amount of time you have to spend in school.

1. Get Credit for Military Training and Experience

The military provides valuable work and life experiences, both of which you can exchange for class credit towards your degree. In fact, many online universities will accept credits from military schools as long as they have the equivalent courses and programs at their facilities. For instance, your boot camp training can be used to earn credits for courses in physical education and first aid at the school.

Each university is different, but generally, you'll have to submit a portfolio detailing your training and experiences. The school will then review the portfolio to see which credits to award you. Be aware, though, that you will usually be limited in the amount of credits you can earn this way. However, it can shave quite a bit of time off your degree, letting you graduate a semester or two earlier.

2. Use Your Professional Licensing and Credentials

Some online universities will also give people credit for any professional licenses and credentials they have earned over the years, even if those certifications don't require formal training at another college or university. For example, if you earn your pilot's license, you could use that certification to obtain credit for instrumentation or aviation coursework in your degree.

Like with military training and experience, you'll usually have to submit information about your licensing and credentials and the school will give you the equivalent credit if it's available. However, you must be certain the school accepts your particular credentials, especially if you received them in another state or country. Requirements to obtain certain certifications can vary, so it's important to ensure the program you went through meets the school's expectations for training and coursework.

There are many other ways you can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to earn your online degree, such as going to summer school, taking extra courses each semester, and receiving credit for work training programs. For more information about online university for military personnel, contact the online university you're interested in attending.